The Canadian Poolplayers Association and the American Poolplayers Association sanction an international network of amateur pool leagues known as either the Canadian Pool League, the Camel Pool League or the American Pool League. Over 225,000 members compete year round.

There may be up to eight players on a team with five players competing weekly. Those not playing one week may play the next week.

Every host location may have two teams for each pool table. Each host location should have a minimum of two teams, so there will be one team at home each week, while the other is on the road. Host locations with three or more tables may have in-house activity, meaning all the activity is in their establishment - no traveling.

Players must be Canadian Poolplayers Association members and pay an annual membership fee. Members receive a CPA membership card and are also entitled to discounts on merchandise and services from participating local merchants. Players pay a weekly team fee to the local administrator or "League Operator".

A Division consists of six to sixteen teams, geographically located so that travel is convenient for the players. Teams compete weekly for ten to twenty weeks. There are three sessions Summer, Fall and Spring - that make up the league year. Players may choose to compete in any or all of the sessions.

At the end of each session, a predetermined number of the top finishing teams, plus a "wild card" will compete for the title of Division Champions. Trophies are awarded to the Division Champions. Every Division Champion from each session becomes eligible to compete in the International Championship, beginning on the local level as the Area Championship, which is held after the completion of the Spring session; trophies and advancement are awarded.

A predetermined number of teams from the Area Championship will advance to the International Finals held in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this level, teams will compete for cash and prizes totaling $600,000 U.S. ($500,000 for 8-ball; $100,000 for 9-ball).

A similar format is an International Singles Championship for men and women, held every year in May. Local singles tournament competition commences on January 1st and continues until November 30th. Regional competitions are held in March and October. The qualifying players receive travel and lodging to this tournament which boasts over $200,000 U.S. in cash and prizes for the 8-ball format and $100,000 U.S. in cash and prizes for the 9-ball format.